Want the Blueprint to a Better Brain?

Approximately 50% of the world’s population is estimated to struggle with brain-related symptoms. Odds are, you’re one of them. 

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • Anxiety or depression – persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, guilt, hopelessness, worry, or pessimism.
  • Brain-related fatigue – feeling fatigued, exhausted, or sleepy after doing something mentally demanding.
  • Chronic low energy – waking up feeling groggy, feeling tired throughout the day, relying on caffeine or stimulants to keep you alert.
  • Loss of resiliency – the inability to handle and recover from stress.
  • Sleep problems – racing thoughts at bedtime or inability to fall asleep quickly, waking up in the night – sometimes repeatedly, insomnia.
  • Brain fog – a type of cognitive dysfunction that includes memory problems, lack of ability to concentrate, and lack of mental clarity.

Whether you suffer from one or all of these issues, you must understand this critical truth: These symptoms are NOT just a normal part of aging.

Actually, these symptoms are present because you have damaged, inflamed, or dysfunctional neurons in your brain. 

Something important to understand is that these different symptoms are not as separate and distinct as you might think. It turns out that science has now shown that virtually all of these brain symptoms actually come down to just a few types of dysfunction:

    • Neuroinflammation – cells in your brain called microglia, which sort of function as your brain’s immune system, are activated too frequently and become stuck in the ‘on’ position. as a result, they produce inflammatory compounds and oxidative damage.
    • Mitochondrial dysfunction/shutdown – mitochondria are your cellular energy generators and danger sensors. but, mitochondria cannot be in both energy mode and cell defense mode. when your mitochondria are weak, they are constantly trying to ‘sense danger’ and can’t produce energy.
    • Leaky blood-brain barrier – a shockingly common issue where the protective wall between your brain and bloodstream breaks down. when it becomes leaky, things get into the brain that shouldn’t be there.
    • Vagus nerve/parasympathetic nervous system underactivity — the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve specifically are a major key to regulating balance in your nervous system, and keeping your body out of chronic stress mode. Unfortunately, most people are chronically underactive in these vital safety and survival circuits. In order to function well, your brain requires an environment that is calm and safe. Activating the vagus nerve is what allows the nervous system to have the proper balance.
    • Neurotransmitter Imbalance — Neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, GABA, adenosine, orexin, and glutamate play a massive role in mood, focus, memory, sleep and energy levels. When they are not in harmony, brain symptoms quickly show up.

If you do have any of the abovementioned symptoms, then the Better Brain Blueprint is for you!


The Better Brain Blueprint is for you who want to:

  • Supercharge your brain for optimal energy
  • Heal and release trauma (so it stops running your brain and nervous system)
  • Eliminate brain fog, anxiety, or depression
  • Activate your vagus nerve (activate the critically important safety response that your brain needs to function well)
  • Re-wire your nervous system out of stress mode and into energy mode!
  • Optimize neurotransmitter levels for mood, focus, clarity, performance, and energy.

What you get when signing up for The Better Brain Blueprint

3 powerful lessons with the latest science on the root causes of brain-related fatigue and 1 amazing bonus lesson by Niki Gratrix on how to heal trauma and move from feeling “wired” to feeling “peaceful”. 

Here is what you can expect:

Module 1 - 20 Strategies for a Supercharged Brain with Ari Whitten

Lesson 1 – How To Supercharge Your Brain For High Energy, and Eliminate Brain Symptoms Like Anxiety, Depression, and Brain Fog.  

  • Part 1 on identifying the root causes of anxiety, depression, brain fog, and other brain symptoms
  • Part 2 powerful – 20 powerful strategies to overcome these symptoms!

Module 2 - Vagus Nerve Activation and Trauma Release with Niki Gratrix

Lesson 1 – ACEs, stress, and mechanisms
Lesson 2 – How childhood biography becomes adult biology
Lesson 3 – Fatigue and vagus nerve stimulation
Lesson 4 – The vagus nerve in social context
Lesson 5 – Neurostimulation, relaxation, and differentiation

Module 3 - Transform Your Anxiety and Banish Negativity with neuroscientist Mark Waldman

Lesson 1 –  The New Brain Science of Overcoming Anxiety
Lesson 2 –  The Neuroscience of Anxiety
Lesson 3 – The Transformation of Anxiety
Lesson 4 – The Pessimist Brain and the CRAP Board Exercise

Module 4 - Optimizing Neurotransmitters and the Endocannabinoid System with Alex Leaf and Ari Whitten

Lesson 1 –  Advanced Neurotransmitter Optimization Secrets
Lesson 2 –   12 Strategies To Fix Your Limbic And Endocannabinoid System

We’re confident that this is the most comprehensive compilation of evidence-based brain health optimization strategies ever put together. 

By correcting these fundamental types of dysfunction, you can heal your brain and resolve brain-related symptoms like anxiety, depression, brain-related fatigue, and brain fog. 

A healthy brain is critical for every area of your life to work well…

  • Your career (productivity, focus, performance, success)
  • Your mood (your own personal mood and emotional state determines so much of your happiness and quality of life)
  • Your relationships (without optimizing your mood and emotional states, your relationships suffer)

So if you care about those aspects of your life, then it is critical to work to optimize your brain health. 

This program is the blueprint for a better brain.