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Dr. Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk) on Living with Vitality

  Pedram is also offering a whopping $200 discount on his Urban Monk Academy right now. Just use the discount code SOLSTICE when checking out. As I mention in the interview, I’ve already had a chance to look over the course, and it’s phenomenal content that is an absolute perfect synergy with The Energy Blueprint. Even though Pedram

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21 Reasons you are fatigued,

21 Reasons You’re Fatigued (Fatigue Causes And How To Fix Fatigue)

Sick of being tired? Wondering why you’re tired all the time? Here are 21 of the most common fatigue causes and several powerful strategies on how to fix fatigue.  Today we have a massive epidemic of fatigue and exhaustion. Chronic fatigue, daytime sleepiness, stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and chronic lack of energy have become epidemics

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