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My Book Has Been Plagiarized And I Need Your Help

My hard work is under attack by plagiarists, and I need your support to help me fix this.

If you’ve enjoyed and benefitted from the work I do with The Energy Blueprint, please support me right now, because I truly need it…

Since publishing my book “The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy” on July 10th, my book has now been plagiarized over 6 times. Six different books have come out in the last two weeks that are basically just plagiarized, re-worded versions of my book (and in some cases, plagiarized material from other people’s work.) They are just hack jobs of books, clearly put together by professional plagiarists looking to make a quick buck and who have no actual expertise in the science of this topic.
(Above you can see a quick screenshot of just a few of these books that have even tried to copy my cover design.)

I’ve been studying and teaching about red and near-infrared light therapy for nearly 10 years. And I put over a year of hard work into creating my book, The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy, which contains literally hundreds of scientific references, and is truly the best guide ever created on this subject. This was a labor of love that took a huge amount of time.

Now, several professional plagiarists have stolen my work and basically paid someone to re-write it and thrown a “book” together in a few days in order to try to steal business away from my book and make some money.

How do I know these books are done by professional plagiarists looking to make a quick buck?

The authors are all fake names, have no websites or places they can be found anywhere online, and most do not even have author bios (or have obviously ridiculous and fake bios, like claiming to be a “R.N.” (a nurse) and then writing that they’re a “Cardiologist” (which is only for actual physicians). Not a trace of legitimacy.

Moreover, their books are overtly copying my work (and sometimes other people’s work), have little to no scientific references, and are FULL of spelling and grammatical errors, totally nonsensical and ridiculous statements, and gross errors on the science of this subject (including recommendations that are actually DANGEROUS in some cases).

In short, it’s obvious to anyone with knowledge of this subject that they’re written by people who have little to no expertise of this subject and are obviously just plagiarists trying to steal business and make a quick buck.

It’s quite clear how they operate…

(In some cases, like one of the plagiarized books here, the creator of the book also uses paid services to pay people for fake reviews on your book to make it appear more legitimate. You can see the reviews are obviously fake – they are all two sentences long, full of spelling and grammatical errors, and display no understanding at all of red light therapy. They’re just from people who are part of services where they get paid to write fake reviews without even reading/using the book/product.)

Below, I’ve put actual screenshots of the examples of plagiarism by all of these plagiarists, clearly showing how they’ve copied my work (and in some cases, the work of others). (Note: I’ve put only a few examples for each book, otherwise this article would be over 100 pages long.)

So if you value the work that I do with The Energy Blueprint and The Energy Blueprint Podcast, and with my book, The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy, I NEED YOUR HELP!


How You Can Help Support Me, My Work, and The Energy Blueprint

Here’s how you can help me: WRITE A REVIEW OF MY BOOK.

That’s all I need from you. If you appreciate the work I do and have benefitted from all the content I put out to the world (much of it for free), just please take 1-5 minutes out of your day to review my book. I’m specifically speaking to those of you who have actually purchased and read my book. (I appreciate those of you who want to write reviews about ME personally, but in this case, the reviews need to be from people who have actually purchased the book, so they show up with “Verfied Purchase” next to them.)

So again, please take a couple minutes out of your day to write me a review. You can do that by clicking HERE to write a review for my book, The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy.

Note: I want real reviews from those of you who have bought and read the book. Please purchase the book first if you haven’t already (so that your review shows as “Verified Purchase” in Amazon.) And again, I want real reviews from people who have actually read my book. Please also keep your reviews focused on the book itself, rather than me as a person (though I certainly appreciate all the nice things that so many of you have said about me and my work).

(Some of you have asked if you should go and write negative reviews of these other books noting that they’re plagiarized. I will not ask that of you and I think there is no need to do that. Much more importantly is that you write a review on my book, so that people can see that it’s a REAL book with real content of value, not just a piece of plagiarized garbage like these other books.)

I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to helping people to recover their health and energy levels. Our goal with The Energy Blueprint is to help 1.000,000 people in the next 5 years recover their health and energy levels (and we’re on track to do that). I put tons of valuable content out to the world (much of it for free) to help people in the most powerful ways that I can.

(Note: I’m also about to make a big announcement of how we’re going to be donating a huge portion of our yearly revenue to a research lab to directly fund cutting-edge research into curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That way, everything I do with The Energy Blueprint is feeding back into scientific research that can ultimately benefit people’s health.)

Also, on this specific subject of red light therapy, I have developed expertise in this subject over nearly a decade of study. Then along comes people like this who steal your work and try to make a quick buck.

So here’s what I am asking of you: Please support the work that I do.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time. All you need to do is simply to write a review on my book. That is enough to help people differentiate between legitimate and highly valuable content vs. plagiarized garbage.

I am aware that the tendency is for each of you reading this to think “okay, well I’m busy… someone else will support Ari and do this… he doesn’t really need MY help.” You’re wrong. I need YOUR HELP. If everyone thinks “someone else will help,” then no one takes the time to help. So I truly need YOUR help to do this. Every single person’s words count. YOUR words count, and please know that I truly appreciate YOU taking a few minutes out of your day to support me and the work I do with The Energy Blueprint. Please know that your words and your support makes a difference in helping me help people recover their health, get their energy back and get their lives back. Please take a moment of your day to write a review of my book here.



Now let’s take a look at the specific plagiarized books and examples of plagiarism…

First of all, let me just post direct links to the names and titles of all the plagiarized books…

Here are the links to these plagiarized books:

  1. Sandra Moore: The Scientific Approach To Near-Infrared And Red Light Therapy: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Brain Optimization & Anti-Aging
  2. Sandra Moore: The Scientific Approach To Near-Infrared And Red Light Therapy: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Brain Optimization & Anti-Aging
  3. Ben Moore: Red Light Therapy Manual
  4. Ben Moore: Red Light Therapy Manual
  5. Ben Moore: Summary of The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy by Ari Whitten
  6. Carol Jason: Accelerated Healing With Near-Infrared and Infra Red Light Therapy
  7. Laura Jason: Faster Healing With Near Infra-Red And Infra Red Light Therapy
  8. Johnny Coffield: Red Light Therapy: Beginners Step by Step Guide
  9. David M. Red Light Therapy For Arthritis: Complete beginners guide
  10. Jordan Gale: Red Light Therapy: Layman’s Guide

(Note: You can see that they weren’t even very creative with the names, and that it’s likely the same individual or two individuals responsible for ALL of these books. There’s Ben MOORE and Sandra MOORE. And there’s Carol JASON and Laura JASON.)

(The only one I am concerned about is Jordan Gale’s book because he is obviously paying people to write fake reviews of his book to give the impression that it’s legitimate. I have screenshots of the obviously fake reviews below…)


Examples of Plagiarism From Books By “Sandra Moore” and “Laura Jason”

Let’s first talk about a couple books by “Sandra Moore” and “Laura Jason” (both made-up people and fake names).

First, take a look at MY book description on the back cover of my book…

Now, look at their book descriptions…

Plagiarized book description

Plagiarized book description 01

Here’s Laura Jason’s intro paragraph of their book description:

Plagiarized book description 02

Apart from the rampant grammatical mistakes, you can see that these two book descriptions are blatantly plagiarizing my book description.


Examples of Plagiarism From Books By “Ben Moore, RN”

Here’s one of the books by “Ben Moore, RN” (another fake name, and fake person)… Note: This person lists themselves as an “RN” (registered nurse) and then says that they’re a Cardiologist. Sorry, but nurses aren’t cardiologists. Again, obviously a sign of a fake name and a made-up person.

First, here is the cover…

The title of the book is basically a re-wording of my title. And the cover image is basically just a copy of Mark Sloan’s book, which you can see here:

Mark Sloan Book

(Note: Mark Sloan’s book is a legitimate book by a real person – NOT a plagiarized book.)

They copied the style of his book cover, then added the list of benefit bulletpoints on the cover, mimicking my book.

That by itself is not necessarily severe plagiarism, so let’s take a deeper look…

Inside this book by Ben Moore are numerous examples of directly plagiarizing my book.

To give just a few examples:




























If you’ve read my book, then you probably recognize that a lot of this is just copied and re-worded from my book. (These are just a few of many examples).

But if that’s not enough…

Mr. “Ben Moore” has also now come out with a SECOND plagiarized version of my book, which claims to be a “Summary” of my book. It’s actually just an attempt to steal my work and make money off of it…

Ben Moore - second book

(Funny enough, the cover of the book also claims that it includes “101 delicious anti-inflammatory recipes.” Remember, this is a book on RED LIGHT THERAPY! Not a cookbook. Again, just showing that these are clearly professional plagiarists And lazy plagiarists at that.)

These are just blatant plagiarisms of my work.


Examples of Plagiarism FromThe Book By “Johnny Coffield”

Now, let’s talk about the plagiarism of my work from the book by “Johnny Coffield” titled “Red Light Therapy: Beginners Step by Step Guide on How to use Red Light Therapy.”

First, the cover is another blatant copy of my book cover…

Energy Blueprint Red Light Therapy cover image

Then, numerous sections of the book are just word for word plagiarism of my book or simply re-wording my writing…

Johnny Coffield Page 10


Examples of Plagiarism From The Book By “Jordan Gale”

Now, let’s talk about another book by “Jordan Gale.” This is another plagiarized book, but one that copies some sections from me and some material from other people’s work. “Jordan Gale” is another person without an author biography, website, or any information that can be found anywhere about this person – i.e. another made-up person.

First, the title of my book is The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy.

The title of “Jordan Gale’s” book is: Red Light Therapy: The Layman’s Guide to Self-Treatment with Red Light Therapy

Basically, it’s an equivalent title, and the subject matter of the book is setting out to do exactly the same thing as my book, which was published just a few weeks before – to be a guide to the subject of red light therapy.

Now that’s suspicious that another book also claiming to be a guide to red light therapy comes out just a few weeks after my book, but in itself is not enough to be plagiarism, so let’s look at what else was done…

Here is my book cover and their book cover, showing the obvious attempt to copy it…

Jordan Gale plagiarism cover

The book cover is obviously an attempt to copy my book cover.

Then once they had people writing reviews on the book noting that they were plagiarizing my work, they changed the book cover so it would be less obvious (but they evidently didn’t even bother to proofread their title)…

(Side note: Please note that there are actually two spelling and grammar mistakes on their new cover. The book is also riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, and has obviously not been edited or even proofread. This shows that there was basically no thought or attention put into the book, and thus it was an obvious plagiarism of someone just trying to quickly write something in a few days of work to try to make a quick buck.)

Then, there is the book description…

First, here is my book description on for reference…


NOW… read “Jordan Gale’s” book description below. You’ll see the same basic concept on the intro section. Then a mention of UV light. Then the line about the expense of a single treatment and how much red light therapy machines used to cost. Then, you’ll see my same bulletpoints basically just re-worded and switched around in their order. Here it is:

You can see that he basically just re-worded my book description, but all the same elements are still there.


Then there are various sections of the book that are basically just re-written versions of the content of my book, or plagiarized from online articles. Examples are too numerous to list here, but almost the entire content of the book is just re-worded content from my work and other people’s work. Here are just a few examples…

Their FAQ section at the end of their book largely just use all the same questions from my book and largely just re-word the answers…


This section here is plagiarized from Joovv’s article:

Fake Reviews

The reviews on this book are also obviously fake and clearly from paid Amazon review mills. (Info on this HERE on how merchants flood Amazon with fake reviews if you want to learn about it).

How do I know they’re fake reviews? Just take a look for yourself…

You can see multiple reviews even use the same exact language and even make the same spelling errors — e.g. “red light treatmen” and “less demanding to peruse than an examination paper.”

This is likely because the “author” gave them pre-written review templates to write their reviews from, so a lot of these people are clearly just copying and pasting.

Virtually all of them are from people who apparently barely speak English (and thus are unlikely to be seeking out a book written in English). A lot of them are also just totally nonsensical like “People who are interested in this types of book as well as immigration will most probably be interested in reading this book.” Or “The choice to start with pandas was interesting.”


There are other serious problems with this book beyond this beyond just plagiarism (and fake reviews)…


The author (i.e. plagiarist) of this book makes reference to certain studies in the book. They try to mention several studies in the book (many of which are just lifted from my book) but don’t actually cite any of them. Again, this shows that this is obviously just something they paid a writer to throw together in a couple days when not even a single study is actually cited. They were too lazy to even copy and paste my scientific references.

E.g. They write things like “A 2013 study published in Lasers and Surgery Medicine”. But they never actually CITE a single study in the entire book. No citations to the specific research he is making reference to can be found anywhere on the page or in the bibliography. In fact, the bibliography just lists 16 online BLOGS (not scientific research) as the sources used for the book.

Not a single scientific study actually cited.

See here for the screenshot of their”Resources” page at the end of the book:

Again, the complete lack of any scientific references and proper citations just shows that this is not a real book by a real author who is trying to put out quality information on this topic. It is just a professional plagiarist stealing other people’s work and paying someone to re-word it all, throwing a book together in a few days, and then putting it on Amazon to try to make a quick buck.

There is another even more concerning problem with the book…

  1. Extremely DANGEROUS and hazardous recommendations.

Then they give a table of recommended dose guidelines:

Again, this person is advising treatment times that are 50 to 500 times greater than the research indicates is advisable!

These numbers are just made-up nonsense that the person threw together carelessly to give the impression of something “scientific” looking.

Let me be very clear: A person can cause irreparable harm to their body by trying to follow this advice.

So this is not only a matter of this book plagiarizing my work, but more importantly, that this book has the potential to seriously damage the health of anyone who might read it.

(Moreover, this person managed to display an incapacity to get things right even when plagiarizing someone else’s work.)



All of these facts make it clear that these books are not written by real people trying to put quality content into the world ti actually help people. They are written by professional plagiarists looking to make a quick buck by stealing other people’s hard work. 


So What Can We Do About All Of This?

First of all, I have already reported copyright infringement of all these books to Amazon. So that part is taken care of. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will take these plagiarized books down.

But again, I need YOUR help…

Again, the best thing you can do to support me and my work with The Energy Blueprint is this: WRITE A REVIEW OF MY BOOK.

That’s all I need from you. If you appreciate the work I do and have benefitted from all the content I put out to the world (much of it for free), just please take 1-5 minutes out of your day to review my book. Please also keep your reviews focused on the book itself, rather than me as a person (though I certainly appreciate all the nice things that so many of you have said about me and my work).

The more reviews I get on my book, the bigger the distinction there is between my REAL book vs. all these plagiarized books.

So again, please take a couple minutes out of your day to write me a review. You can do that by clicking HERE.

(Note: To be clear, I am asking for REAL reviews from those of you who have actually bought and read the book. Please do not write a review unless you have actually bought and read the book.)

Thank you in advance for reading this, and for your support. Again, I dedicate a huge amount of time and energy into helping people. (We’re trying to help 1,000,000 people in the next 5 years recover their energy and their health.) It means so much to me (and the mission of The Energy Blueprint) to have your support, and truly makes a difference in helping people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.



47 thoughts on “My Book Has Been Plagiarized And I Need Your Help

  1. I’m sorry this is happening to you Ari. I have not read or purchased your book but as a writer myself (songs/dance blogger) I feel for you. However, I do listen to your podcasts and find them outstanding in content. Your integrity is distinguishable and I hope you can get through this as a victor. You deserve the recognition.

  2. Done! I think this also happened to Dr. Lee Know. I got another book about mitochondria, and it seemed like the person had literally taken huge chunks of his work and inserted them in his book. It’s unethical and needs to be stopped. I’m so sorry, Ari.

  3. Hi Ari, I just added a review on Sorry to hear this happened, hopefully, my review redirects people to your hard work. Take care.

  4. Criminal behavior by people who are only out to make a buck! I hope Amazon will support you by taking down the plagiarized versions.
    I purchased your book and I am reading it now. I will gladly support you by writing a review.
    Keep up your wonderful work and know how much you are appreciated.

  5. Hi Ari

    I bought your book last week and am thoroughly impressed with what you share. I’m just so thankful I chose yours and didn’t select any of the plagiarized versions. Once I finish reading it, I will post a review.

  6. I have completed a review of your book for Amazon, with the issues that you have mentioned here emphasized. I hope that this helps to resolve the plagiarism issue and also helps to ensure that you are given due credit for your work.

  7. I have not purchased or read your book, but I have followed you, listened to webinars etc and am furious this has happened to you. Isn’t there a way to find the criminals who are doing this and prosecute them? It’s sooo wrong and I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this.

  8. I am shocked that this can happen and concerned that this may be happening to other authors too! If Amazon don’t take it down, please let me know. It also scares me that some of the recommendations made in this book are dangerous. We have a social and moral obligation to report this. I have already written a review for your book but feel compelled to write a negative review of the others! Sincerely hope that these books are taken down.

  9. Ari, the only cold comfort is you must be on the right track to receive such attention. I am sure your loyal following will crowd out the imitators. Keep up the good work, Kia kaha from Aotearoa / New Zealand

  10. Ari,

    How discouraging for you and all of us who are so grateful & helped by your evidence-based and innovate work. Blatant plagerism should be illegal – I hope Amazon acts quickly! Please know that your audience appreciates the hard work that goes into your offerings & the benefits you generously share with us.

    I’ve purchased your book and will write a review as soon as I’ve finished reading it. I think I will read faster now that I’ve seen this blog post. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief and downright disgust – well, words fail me in describing the actions of these despicable, money grubbing, lowlife plagerists. Hang in there Ari, we love your stuff!

    1. I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you Ari; absolutely infuriating. I’m afraid I don’t have your book so can’t review but I do tell all my friends that if they want good scientifically based advice on health and fitness then they should look up your work/listen to podcasts. I know a few of them have done this so hopefully they will review your book.

  11. I haven’t read the book, but as a writer myself I am so disgusted by plagiarism. It’s almost like somebody stealing your own child when something that you’ve worked so hard on is stolen. The scum should be criminally prosecuted, but unfortunately they are the kind of criminal that usually get away with it.

    1. Doesn’t help that there’s no place to really report it to, and even if you can prove it, the fine’s a slap on the wrist to high-volume plagiarists. Almost as bad as copyright fraud.

  12. Hi Ari, I’ve tried to write a review but Amazon won’t let me. Apparently I’ve not made enough purchases to qualify; I live in NZ and choose to not shop at Amazon at all (a self-inflicted rule I broke to buy your awesome book!). I am really shocked to see such outrageous plagiarism, and I sincerely hope that Amazon recognize it as such and blacklist those involved.
    I also want to send my thanks :-). I love your podcast and your books, as a practitioner I refer people to your website and resources regularly as you are such a safe source of high quality information.
    With deep appreciation, admiration and respect

  13. it is Amazon out for a quick buck and no sentiments.
    Get Dr. Steven Gundry (Plant Paradox) , same story,
    you all need to pressure the authors association to lean on Amazon.
    But, you already know that.
    the same thing will happen to
    Ann louise Gittelman with her new book , how to brain diet.
    I highly appreciate the knowledge you spread,
    and your amazing interviewing.

  14. I am very sorry this has happened since you spent years developing all of these original ideas and editing the content for publication. That isn’t easy. You have been robbed and I can understand your anger and need for a solution to a major offense. I’m so sorry.

    Pam in Virginia

  15. So sorry this is happening to you Ari! As an author, editor, and publisher, I can tell you that this is happening all over amazon and there are actually people out there selling training programs promoting this type of behavior!

    Looking at the other books listed, it probably is true that a couple of them are by the same person. If you will look at the reviews though, you will see many of them are verified purchases. If they are inexpensive ebooks that were purchased, they are probably friends and families of the “authors.” I know it doesn’t help the situation but that is what many authors will do to start promoting their books.

    What you can do is check their ISBN numbers at bowkers to find out who actually purchased them unless they are kindle issued. Those numbers must be purchased. It would at least be worth a quick check…

    Is your book copyrighted? If there is enough similarity, you might want to contact an intellectual property lawyer to see if there is any real recourse. Unfortunately many of these people really are scammers and know how to protect themselves or be invisible enough to not be found.

    Your book is on my to read list and I will be happy to leave a legitimate review!

    Best wishes

  16. Ari
    I tried several times to leave a review for this great book, immediately after purchase, but each time Amazon directed me to a page where I was unable to leave a review. I will try again.

  17. Know it would be frustrating and a pain in the ass but you should prosecute at the highest level possible. Go after the publisher too! I got your book when it came out and wrote a review back than. Very timely book for me because I just bought one and there was not much out there for the lay person to learn about the use and benefits.
    Thanks for all you do and fight back!

  18. Hi Ari,
    So sorry this happens to you! I almost can’t believe to what an extend they go and that Amazon is not checking this… the writing errors, the similar content,…..
    I purchased your book and loved it but Amazon won’t let me write a review. Since I live in Belgium and I almost never buy through Amazon (we don’t have it here) this was my first purchase I think and they give me this message when I try to write a review : “To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum number of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the purchase minimum. For more information, see our Customer Review Guidelines.”
    I tried to write as soon as I bought it, because I think it is just fair to tell you how much I appreciated the book and your hard work. i’m sorry they won’t let me. Hope you get enough reviews!! You are so wonderfull and put so much valuable content out there for us!! Thank you and keep up the spirit! x x x

  19. Ari,

    Very saddened to see social/financial leeches try to profit off your hard work. I’ve left a glowing review on Amazon and hope you’ll reach out if there is more that we can do to repay you for all of your tireless efforts.

  20. Hi Ari,
    I have listened to all of your podcasts and I have purchased your book and found it really interesting . Your work has made me change my life and I am feeling so good about both my health and about myself in general. I think that this is a dreadful thing to happen and I hope that this helps because everything that you are doing is really inspirational. Good luck.

  21. aaccckkkk I had no idea this even happens. I’m hoping our reviews help “right” this situation. I trust your good heart and wise mind in all of this will triumph – it’s pretty clear that your impeccable work leads all that you do. Hopefully readers, as I do, will see the sincerity in the reviews that we are adding to your book!

  22. I just left a review. I am sorry this has happened to you. BUT the cream always rises to the top. You are the best! I hope this matter can get resolved.

  23. I have known of you for almost a decade! I know we are not personal friends however what I know of you and learned from you is indescribable! You live breathe and are this book as it’s yours and I’ve heard of this from you for more than 8 years! You have saved lives, inflammation, disease, depression, awareness about what this world is coming to from our kids to me in my early 40s and your right all along!!! Most importantly you strive to get better everyday and you walk your own talk! You are better than any naturopath doc or dr by far and you saw it all or called it all 8-10 years ago. Why someone is allowed to copy you is beyond me. Fight! Only the strong survive! And you are truth!!!! So go get em!!!!

  24. Hi Ari
    I can’t believe something like this happened to you and your hard work. Definitely with time, false preachers of your book will go away. I didn’t buy your book. But I know how much hard work you have put in to the EBP and how many people have their lives changed by implementing your program. Hopefully, Amazon can sort out this issue sooner. Your hard work and reputation will win eventually. Please keep up your mission to help people recover their energy levels. Your EBP is the best approach for energy enhancement as a non-physician intervention approach. God will be with you.


  25. I’m going to email Amazon about the dubious credentials of the “author” of the summary. I’ve seen quite a few of these “summary” books, and I assume they count on the fact that a certain percentage of people will not notice that they aren’t written by the original author, whose name always is bigger on the cover than the name of the person publishing the book.

  26. Terrible. So sad that such people just rip off others hard work. By the way RN can also been Royal Naval but I doubt British naval officers are stealing your work! I will leave a review.

  27. I didn’t see a link to your book in your article. The first review link goes to a different book.
    The second review link goes to the review page on Amazon, but does not allow me to view the book itself. Maybe because I’m viewing on mobile?
    Perhaps you would consider adding a link to your book, or if it’s there already, making the link more obvious.

  28. Contact amazon author central and make your case until they help you. Amazon should take these books down. I’m an author too and this is my worst nightmare. For now I just have more minor plagiarism to contend with. (Simon and schuster actually just published a book where one chapter is a direct summary of my book, copying many of the phrases word for word. Still pondering what to do about that…).
    Best of luck.

  29. FYI IGin Stephens author of delay don’t deny and feast without fear has been dealing with this. She has been able to get amazon to remove and stop selling all the plagiarized materials. Also, everyone that bought a plagiarized book is getting a refund.

  30. Dear Ari,
    I happened to read about your Red Light Therapy book on Amazon while searching for another book. Needless to say, I was immediately bowled over by what other genuine readers had to say about your book. I am about to order your book, I am optimistic that the therapy might work for my Urticaria. I just can’t fathom why people go to great lengths to plagiarize your work considering so much work has gone into all that research! You have my support for sure Ari- please continue with your good work. You have no idea how many people you are helping out there!

  31. This is terrible! I just discovered you a few minutes ago. I haven’t read your book and won’t be able to purchase it until my accident injuries have healed enough for me to go back to work. I hope you are able to go after these people and recover damages. I have been a proofreader in the past and am now wanting to try my hand at writing. This experience you have shared is disheartening and making me wonder how to protect my future articles and books. I wish you all the best in, success, good health, and happiness.

    Maybe this will help you:

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