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External noise during sleep is inhibiting high energy levels, read more to understand why.

External Noise During Sleep Is Negatively Affecting Your Sleep. 

Not a lot of people are aware of it, but the subtle sounds that occur while we’re sleeping can have a major impact on our energy levels—even if those sounds don’t wake us up.

In 3 sleep laboratory studies the effects of nocturnal traffic noise on the sleep of young (1st study: mean age 25 years, n = 10) and elderly (2nd study: mean age 62 years, n = 10) healthy subjects as well as adaptation phenomena (3rd study: one week in young volunteers, n = 10) were investigated. Objective sleep quality was evaluated for baseline- and traffic noise conditions by means of somnopolygraphic all-night recordings between 22:30 (“lights out”) and 6:00 (“buzzer”) in the sleep laboratory. In the morning sleep- and awakening quality were measured by a self-rating scale and psychometric and psychophysiological tests. [1]

Traffic noise, presented by a loudspeaker throughout the night with an intensity of 68 to 83 dB (A) (L eq = 75.6 dB [A]), caused a lengthening of sleep latency and intermittent wakefulness as well as a reduction of total sleep time and sleep efficiency as compared to baseline. Concerning sleep architecture, traffic noise led to an increase of light sleep, while deep sleep and, more pronounced, REM sleep were shortened.”

Small Changes Can Increase Restful Sleep.

Turn on the white noise or pink noise.

Sound machines designed to help you sleep produce a low-level soothing noise. These can help you tune out barking dogs, the TV downstairs, or any other disturbances so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. If you do not have a machine, there are multiple apps you can install on your phone. Note, if you choose to use your phone you should read my article Do You Sleep With Your Phone Next to You? You May Be Wrecking Your Sleep And Your Energy. 

If you live in a city with cars and various noises from outdoors, this is critical.

Sleep is critical to regenerating energy stores at the cellular level each night. If you don’t sleep well, I guarantee you are not going to have great energy levels. Anything that impairs sleep will impair energy. So, get the noise situation fixed in your bedroom and I promise you’re going to notice better energy within a week!



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