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Dr. Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk) on Living with Vitality


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8 thoughts on “Dr. Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk) on Living with Vitality

  1. I just loved listening to what you had to say ! It resonates deeply in me and makes me understand much better why I always feel sooooo tired !
    Thank you so much for the conference !

  2. Very interesting, especially since, as a Catholic I realize that you are promoting a practice which the Church has been encouraging for 2000 years – meditation. Except that the Church teaches that you meditate on some aspect of the life of Christ, or some virtue which you really need, and which is possessed by all the Saints who now enjoy eternal bliss. So our meditation – in addition to encouraging our acquiring a certain peace has the added benefit of making us holier and therefore happier. And at the end we are destined for eternal bliss which is what everyone yearns for. And, no wonder, because this is what our Creator destined us to be – eternally happy with Him. That is how we are structured, and that is why ignoring Him and His commandments makes us truly miserable and may even lead to an untimely death.
    By the way, I too am a physician with an additional degree in Public Health. And 94 years old to boot.

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