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Preventing/Treating Alzheimer’s and Dementia with Seth Conger

In this episode, I am speaking with Seth Conger – the CEO and co-founder of MIOS health. MIOS Health is a startup with a mission to help people with pre-Alzheimer’s to not develop Alzheimer’s disease. We will talk about the most common causes and signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and how you can prevent

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The Body Fat – Immune Function Link with Alex Leaf

In this podcast, I am speaking with Alex Leaf — a nutrition expert, researcher, and teacher of nutrition at the University of Western States. We will talk about the little known link between body composition and viral infections. In this podcast, Alex will cover: The sixth highest cause of death in the US How your

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Re-Wire Your Brain To Thrive During Stress, with John Assaraf

In this episode, I am speaking with John Assaraf – the founder of NeuroGym and author of the bestselling books Innercise™ and Having It All.  We will talk about how the current fear and isolation can affect your health and how you can easily re-wire your brain to thrive during stress.  John is giving all my listeners access

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