The Energy Blueprint
Cutting‑Edge Science To Overcome Fatigue and Supercharge Your Body
Optimizing Recovery From Exercise, Heart Rate Variability, The Cult Of Scientism, CBD, Healing Peptides, And More with Alex Viada

In this episode, I am speaking with Alex Viada – one of the world’s top […]

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Detox Summit How to test for mold how to treat for mold Bridgit Danner
Do It Yourself Detox Summit – How To Test For And Treat Mold with Bridgit Danner

In this episode, I am speaking with Bridgit Danner, a licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and […]

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The RTN approach to optimizing your metabolism, health and energy with Josh Rubin

                      In this episode, I […]

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The Potential Dangers of EMF Radiation (And 3 Simple EMF Protection Tips You Can Do At Home) with Researcher Nick Pineault

In this episode, I am speaking with Nick Pineault – an investigative health journalist, bestselling […]

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The REAL Causes Of Low Cortisol Levels and How To Fix It

As we covered in Part 1 on debunking adrenal fatigue, it is clear that: Chronic […]

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Debunking “Adrenal Fatigue”

How do you fix low cortisol levels (a.k.a. how do you treat “adrenal fatigue”)? This […]

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