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What Causes Food Intolerance? │How To Identify And Treat Food Intolerance (The Best Food Intolerance Test) with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Food allergies and food intolerances have become a worldwide epidemic. And food intolerances may be behind your symptoms, like fatigue, skin issues, migraines, and many other types of symptoms. When talking to many holistic health professionals about your reaction to foods, they will likely tell you that you need to get some sort of food

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How To Improve Eye Health Naturally │ 4 Natural Eye Care Tips to Treat Common Eye Problems with Dr. Sam Berne

Many of us today, are walking around with one or more of the most common eye problems — cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, myopia ”near-sightedness” and hyperopia ”far-sightedness.” When we go see a doctor, we are either told that we have to get a surgery or use prescription drugs or glasses for the rest of our lives and that our eyesight and eye health cannot

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