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3 Steps To Look And Feel Younger

Do you want to look and feel younger? Have more energy? This week, I am talking with Erin Nielsen about her Youth Method and how she by making small changes to her life, has recovered from Rosacea and looks much younger than her age. What you will learn: How to eat for a youthful look

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The Real Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Human Body - Nick Pineault -

The Real Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation On The Human Body

Are you aware of what the real effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body are? There is a lot of information on the dangers of EMF exposure but how much of it is actually true? This week, Nick Pineault, will share the latest scientific research on the effects of EMF on humans. Nick “The

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How to live to 100 without growing old -

How To Live 100 Years Without Growing Old

Do you want to know how to live 100 years without growing old? This week, I am talking with Jason Prall, who has been traveling to specific places called the Blue Zones — the longest lived and healthiest populations on earth — to learn more about what the centenarian secrets are. He’s been on a quest to

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How to use Meditation to overcome fatigue

How To Use Meditation To Overcome Fatigue with Emily Fletcher

Meditation… What are your thoughts when you hear that word? Many, when hearing this word, start imagining Buddhist monks or hippies who sit together singing kumbaya. It can be overwhelming thinking about incorporating meditation into your busy work and family life, but what if I told you that meditating for 15-20 minutes twice a day

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How To Use Fasting For Longevity And Energy with Joel Kahn, MD

Fasting can make you live longer, help you lose weight, heal faster, and increase your energy levels. Is that all just hype, or is there actually science that backs it all up? Today, I am talking to Joel Kahn, MD, an integrative cardiologist, who has adopted fasting as a part of his treatment plan for

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Healing Trauma to Heal Fatigue with Niki Gratrix

Going through life we all experience some degree of emotional pain. For some, it’s very mild, and for others, it can be significant emotional trauma — trauma which ultimately can lead to fatigue. In this podcast, I am talking to Niki Gratrix about emotional trauma, how it influences your energy, and how to heal trauma.

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