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A Functional Medicine Approach To COVID-19 with Dr. Miriam Rahav

In this episode, I am speaking with Miriam Rahav, MD, who is a triple board-certified physician in the fields of internal medicine, hospice and palliative medicine, and functional medicine. Dr. Rahav is currently working in New York City with COVID-19 patients, experimenting with cutting-edge therapies and having remarkably successful results! We will discuss her innovative functional

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COVID-19 – Genes, Supplements, and Biohacks with Joe Cohen

In this episode, I am speaking with Joe Cohen – who is the founder of SelfHacked, SelfDecode, an author, and speaker and has specialized in genes and biohacking. We will talk about the science on COVID-19, genes, supplements, and biohacking in keeping yourself healthy. Joe has compiled a free ebook with his tips on how

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A Breakthrough For COVID-19? With Dr. Scott Antoine

This may be the most important podcast I’ve ever published. In this episode, I am speaking with Scott Antoine, MD—a board-certified emergency physician and a functional and integrative medicine doctor. We will talk about the latest findings on COVID-19 and a potential breakthrough on COVID-19 treatment.  IMPORTANT WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This is entirely the realm

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Spirituality, Connection & Transformation with Maya Shetreat, MD

In this episode, I am speaking with Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD – who is a pediatric neurologist and herbalist, urban farmer, naturalist, shaman. And the author of The Dirt Cure. We will talk about how to improve your health by connecting with spirituality and teach you about Earth-based tools necessary to navigate these unprecedented times. Dr. Maya has just

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A Deep Dive on COVID-19 with Dr. Tom Moorcroft

In this episode, I am speaking with Tom Moorcroft, DO – who is an expert on infectious diseases, board-certified in family medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment, and has treated adults and children with chronic bacterial and viral infections for more than a decade. We will dive deep into the latest science on the latest COVID-19

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